VIP Store

VIP Store

Our VIP store is instant – no need to reconnect after purchases.
You can choose 30 days or lifetime!
Upgrading your VIP is possible!
Contact staff on discord in case you need help!


Price: £3.00 per 30 days or £9.99 for lifetime
This package will grant you:

VIP Title and Access
VIP Title in-game – VIP Title on Discord – VIP channel access on Discord

Remover Tool
This is used with the ‘/remove‘ command and has rules for it.

Auto Lights
Lanterns, ceiling lights, campfires etc can all be configured to turn on automatically at night and turn off again in the morning. Use /lantern to configure.

Enhanced Hammer
You only need to right click and upgrade 1 wall, and it switches to upgrade mode, then you can simply keep left clicking on all walls, and it automatically upgrades them to tier which you’ve chosen manually. If you want to switch to default hammer mode, you must just left click same tier (or higher) wall again. It still requires materials though, so it can’t be abused.

Sign Artist
This allows you to paint an image onto a sign.
/sil <url>‘ to paint image from online.
/silt <message> to paint text onto sign.


Price: £4.99 per 30 days or £14.99 for lifetime
This package will grant you everything from VIP tier plus:

Skip the queue!
Don’t wait in line when server is full jump to the front of the queue!

Skin Customizer
This is used with the ‘/skin‘ and ‘/skin shop‘ command!
Simply use ‘/skin shop‘, get the skins you want stored into your personal selection (We have LOTS of skins available) and then go to ‘/skin‘ and you can apply them onto whatever item you’re holding!

Quick Sort
Simply click a button and it transfers all of that category from your inventory to the container!​
/qs help — help command for the plugin
/qs enabled true/false — will turn it on and off if you don’t want to use it and see the UI​
/qs style center/lite/right — will let you move it to where you want on your screen


Price: £8.99 per 30 days or £24.99 for lifetime
This package will grant you everything from VIP tier and VIP+ plus:

This is used with the /ad command. Simply type /ad “time in seconds” and doors you open will close behind you according to your set time! (Change the time in seconds section to a number)

Bgrades lets you upgrade anything you place with the building plan, straight to a selected tier. Simply type /bgrade “number” 0 = none 1 = wood 2 = stone 3 = metal 4 = HQM

Auto Codelock
Automatically adds code locks to doors, boxes etc with preset code of your choosing. You must have a codelock in your inventory for this to work. Use  /codelock in game to configure.

Dynamic Cupshare 
Automatically adds authorization for clan members to auto turrets, TC etc. Use /share in game to configure.

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